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19 October 11

Strategies for Test Anxiety?



Tumblr teachers—anyone have any good strategies for helping older students (late high school/early college) deal with severe test anxiety? Reply/reblog/submit if you have advice to share!

Signal Boost.

Stereotype threat was something I came across once in an article about a year ago—if I was still teaching, I think a text on this could be a valuable piece to read in class.  I had primarily minority students, but I think this could be a relevant issue to any struggling student.  

I do think one of the best ways to proactively lessen test anxiety is to increase the rigor of your day-to-day lessons.  I don’t mean teach to the test, necessarily, but if you’re, say, letting kids use their notes all the time in class and on your own tests, they’re obviously going to freak out a bit when they all of a sudden don’t have access to those things on an AP or SAT test.  

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16 October 11

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5 June 11
24 February 11

Vocab Word: attribute


My friend has great attributes; for example, he he can fit his whole hand in his mouth, and he is nice.

I am pretty sure you should follow this blog, regardless of whether or not you teach, like kids, or enjoy reading vocabulary homework.  

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9 December 10

Tales From School, #27: Rites of Passage

  • [SCENE: The school's internship coordinator has taken five young men into the hallway to teach them how to put on a tie for their impending interviews.]
  • Student: So what you're saying is this will be a lot easier if I don't do it over my hoodie?
  • Teacher: Um, yeah, pretty much.
2 December 10

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30 November 10

Tales From School, #26: Thank Goodness a Wide Vocabulary Is Not Also Extinct!

Student:  I need one of those things that sounds like a dinosaur.  

Jillary Clinton:  What things?

Student:  Those jawns that tell you different words for other words.  

13 October 10

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10 October 10

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